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walmart employee and job seekers question and answer

Question and answer about Walmart by employees and job seekers in the USA.

11 Questions and Answers about Walmart by employees and job seekers. This is what people ask and answer about working and interviewing at Walmart.

Question: What was the interview process like? (Asked 11 February 2016)
Answer: The process is very simple. I register online and get a return email 5 days later (make sure to check your trash folder because you have 2 days to answer emails). My interview a week later. It surprised me that it was not a one on one interview, you were interviewed with many people.

Don’t let that make you reluctant, I’m against adults at university or with work experience, and I’m in 12th grade without work experience. Like I said, don’t let that fool you, do what you can to make yourself look smarter and more qualified. The interview is simple, they ask to take the item in the shop that represents you and explain it.

They then asked us in 3 groups of class situations from high priority to low priority and explained. As a final question, they read a little story about a worker who did bad things at the store, you had to write down what he did and how it affected other people and what would change if he did it normally and explained it.

They told me that I got a job by email 3 hours later. I hope this helps, good luck. (Answered on 29 November 2018)

Question: How do you work? (Asked February 25, 2016)
Answer: 3 days 12 hours and only 2 20 minutes of rest every day the number one comes out. (Answered December 1, 2018)

Question: What do Walmart employees feel about Amazon as their competitors? (Asked 12 February 2016)
Answer: I don’t feel good, I work for Wal-Mart who cares about Amazon things that you only see the picture. (Answered November 19, 2018)

Question: How long does it take to receive from the beginning to the end? What are the steps along the way? (Asked February 25, 2016)
Answer: Fill in the online application, Interview, Background check. Per test if it’s clean you can go to training then 2 days later to the sales floor, and they don’t want you to go back to the computer for at least a month. (Answered November 19, 2018)

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Question: What are the benefits offered to Walmart store employees? (Asked 9 February 2016)Answer: After like, 90 days, you get a 10% discount card for most items at regular prices. & then after you are there 6 months or a year, you get medicine, eyes, & all other items. If you last that long. (Answered August 28, 2018)

Question: What is one thing Walmart can do to make it a better place to work? (Asked February 22, 2016)
Answer: Hire better managers at the shop level who are able to treat everyone equally, and don’t show favoritism to anyone under any circumstances. (Answered on November 3, 2018)

Question: What questions did they ask while interviewing you? (Asked February 25, 2016)
Answer: They asked me to talk about the time I had given excellent customer service, why I wanted to work at Walmart, what quality I was looking for in the company, and what encouraged me to do my best job. (Answered on October 15, 2018)

Question: Do they provide 401k benefits? (Asked 15 June 2016)
Answer: Yes Walmart has it to offer workers. (Answered November 19, 2017)

Question: Are there part-time jobs at Walmart? (Asked 8 November 2016)
Answer: Yes. Definitely. (Answered on November 17, 2018)

Question: Weekly or two-week payment? (Asked April 23, 2017)
Answer: Yes, you are paid every week (Answered on November 13, 2018)

Question: Do they let you choose your own hours? (Asked 21 November 2016)
Answer: I always choose my own hours. I only told them when I and I were not there. Of course I don’t get as many hours if I have open availability, but as a military couple whose husbands have left and have children that I can’t take care of because there’s nothing I can do.

There has never been a problem so far. I have worked as a cashier like that and now as CSM like that. I usually do about 30 hours a week, and sometimes more or less. (Answered May 11, 2018)

Those are the 11 questions and answers most frequently asked by job seekers before applying to become Walmart employees. https://bit.ly/2Zbe7Gq

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