Amazon Credit Card vs Walmart Credit Card 5/5 (3)

Amazon Credit Card vs Walmart Credit Card

Amazon Credit Card vs Walmart Credit Card

Amazon credit card versus Walmart credit cards are our choice to send here, who are more intent on providing information and an overview to you about the credit card services provided by these two largest stores. The following is the difference between two credit card services from Amazon and Walmart.

Amazon Prime Visa Signature

Amazon introduced an outstanding Credit Card offer earlier this year. Like many other benefits through your Prime account such as unlimited Amazon photo storage, or Twitch Prime, after you register for Amazon Prime, you can now apply (and possibly be approved) for their 5% cash back cards. Because you have already paid $ 99 per year for Prime, Amazon numbers will be good enough to cover annual costs, so there are no annual fees with your active Prime Membership!
Not sold? Remember with new services introduced almost every month, even Prime Fresh from Amazon is part of the 5% of cash you receive from using this card. This includes the choice of new Whole Foods that were recently added Fresh.

Walmart Credit Card

Walmart credit card comes with a simple 3% discount at Walmart .com and 2% at Walmart Gas Stations is the weakest offer of all 3 cards, but the factor in prices is very low Walmart and you now have a decent card in your hand.

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