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autonomous cleaner, a robot to scrubbing the floow at walmart

Autonomous Cleaner, aka. Auto-C, a robot to scrubbing the floors at Walmart store.

Autonomous Cleaner, Scrubbing Floor the Floors at Walmart. Walmart store floors don’t get much attention from customers.

That’s because when it’s in perfect condition, it’s sparkling, sparkling and just there – the train and the people who float along and act as backgrounds for complicated experiences, checklist.

However, creating this often overlooked experience, but important, requires a lot of attention from Walmart employees. The fact is, for two hours every day, an associate at each U.S. store. We sit on a scrubbing machine to make sure the floor plays a perfect role, clean, but not yet visible.
Two hours per day. It’s time for an associate to spend serving customers, so we will soon deploy a very modern solution: Auto-C – Autonomous Cleaner. Just like a car that can drive itself, this machine uses assisted autonomy technology to clean and polish the floor, freeing coworkers to handle other tasks. Instead of driving a scrub machine, Walmart employees can tidy up the restroom, clean the dust from the checkout hall, or interact with customers.

Available in 78 stores today and soon launched around 360, Auto-C is just one technology that makes Walmart more efficient. Auto-C is still very young and requires adult supervision (employees have to prepare an area and map machine routes), but we are pleased with the role that will be played – along with the Auto-S, Alphabot and Pickup scanning machines – in the Walmart technology ecosystem.

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