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walmart temporary credit card
Walmart temporary credit card.

Can you get a Walmart temporary credit card? Walmart temporary credit card customers can use their credit cards, before receiving them in the mail.

The WalmartPay feature of the company’s mobile application allows you to immediately use a new creditcard, online and the store.

To access the Walmart credit card line while new, create a Walmart online account, if you haven’t already done so. Then add your temporary shopping pass credentials, which are given when you are approved for the credit card, to WalmartPay. Next, you must renew your Walmart Pay, when you have got a physical credit card in the mail.

The Walmart Pay application works for iOS or Android phones. You can load all major debit, credit, prepaid or Walmart data and information into Walmart Pay. To make a purchase at the store, just use cellphone to scan the QR code that appears in the register.

Walmart creditcards provide a 3% cash refund for every purchase on the website. 2% of purchases at Murphy USA and Walmart gas stations. And 1% cash for all other purchases, including at Walmart stores.

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