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Cancel American Express card. Here’s how to cancel your American Express credit card. The American Express is an American company in the financial sector that was founded in 1850. American Express is headquartered in New York City, which is present in 130 countries in the world, and continues to add around seven thousand points to its customers.

AMEX or American Express, has become a well-known company with worldwide recognition. Since 2012, Fortune Magazine has repeatedly determined that American Express has always been among the hundred largest companies in the world.

In terms of products, AMEX offers charge or service cards, prepaid cards, credit cards, traveler’s checks, some banking services, insurance and travel agency.

You can visit the official website of the company and explore more information about products offered by American Express.

AMEX business gold card
Cancel your American Express card.

In a good part of the countries, whose economic conditions, income and solvency determine certain market potential, American Express unilaterally markets its products in alliance with local companies, in Latin America such is the case of Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Chile.

The fee card issued by AMEX does not have a fixed spending limit, however the balance must still be paid in full every month.

AMEX credit cards are technically the same as MasterCard and Visa products that can be used by customers in paying for services or goods with a predetermined credit limit.

AMEX credit card balances can be paid in whole or in part or in monthly installments. A consumer can also cancel the bill, if they want. Fortunately, this is an easy process and requires a short amount of time.

Steps to cancel your American Express card
Give AMEX a very good rating if you really want to cancel your MEX bill or credit card. Think carefully about the pros and cons of AMEX credit cards before canceling them.

Keep in mind that when you cancel AMEX products, you give up benefits such as the “Membership Rewards” program, smart purchase systems, flexible payment plans, discounts and promotions in the best establishments.

If you have a credit card product with any outstanding balance, the Community Outreach Coordination and the AMEX Consumer Credit Counseling Service recommend not canceling the product without first paying the balance due and saving the respective support.

You can call the American Express customer service center to cancel your card. Depending on your location, service numbers may change. The suggestion is to note the telephone number that appears on the back of the credit card or service, write it down in your address book, smartphone or computer.

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If you cannot find your American Express card and you have a secure Internet connection you can write to the email (in spain lang.) you must include in your cancellation request information such as:

  • Your name and surname as it appears on the credit card.
  • The last 4 digits of the card.
  • A contact phone
  • A contact time range, this for forecast purposes.

If you do not have access to the Internet, then call the customer service center of the lender according to the location:

  • In the United States: 1-800-528-4800 or 1-800-221-9950
  • In Argentina: 0810-444-2639
  • In Spain: 900 814 500
  • Mexico: 01800-504-0400 or 52 (81) 8319-9111
    Customer service representatives are always available 24 hours a day.

Let the operator know that you want to cancel your AMEX card. The American Express representative may try to maintain your products. If you are determined to cancel your charge or credit card, then politely decline any operator request.

Once the telephone contact has been made, you must wait to receive a letter via email confirming the closing of your account. It is recommended that you print and keep a copy of the letter for your records.

When you certify that you have canceled your American Express credit card or charge card, get rid of the plastic, destroy it. It is best to cut the card to prevent anyone from having access to your account numbers and personal data.

Check your Equifax, Experian or TransUnion credit reports a month or after account closure.

You can also obtain a free annual credit report from each of the credit bureaus by visiting (In the U.S)

On issued reports, be sure to double check that the American Express card that you ordered and wants to cancel appears as “closed by the consumer.” If the account statement does not reflect closure or reports the status that “is closed for credit,” contact AMEX again to correct the information.

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