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6 Ways to Charge the Walmart MoneyCard. How to add money to the Walmart MoneyCard payment card? The Walmart MoneyCard prepaid card works like a debit card.

That is, you can only spend the amount or balance that your account contains. If you do not have enough money in your account and wish to pay for a purchase, approval will be denied.

Before making your purchases with the Walmart MoneyCard it is important to know what the current balance is and add money if necessary.

How to Check the Walmart MoneyCard Card Balance

In Walmart stores you can check your balance in 3 ways.

  1. Check one of the cashiers or cashier in the stores. This can check your amount by checking the card in the box.
  2. When making a payment with the card you can also see what is the balance that remains.
  3. If there is a MoneyCenter Express center in the store, you can check your balance on a machine.
    If you have time to visit the store, you can check your balance by phone and online. By phone call 1-877-937-4098, online use the MoneyCard page.

How to charge or renew the card for MoneyCard payments

Some of these services are free, but not all. Check the rates of the services before using them and thus use your money properly.

  1. Cash – Take your MoneyCard to the cash register at one of the Walmart stores. The cashier can add the amount you want to pay in cash to load the card. For this service a fee is charged.
  2. Direct Deposit – Open an account to directly deposit your work payroll or your government benefits to the Walmart MoneyCard.
  3. Bank transfer – if you have an online bank account you can make a transfer to your MoneyCard card account. Use the “ACH” number indicated on your card account. If you need help you can visit or contact your bank to make the first transfer.
  4. MoneyCenters Machines – Use the Walmart MoneyCenters express kiosks to check balances and add money to your account. In addition, these centers offer sales of Walmart Money Order and phone cards.
  5. Deposits of checks or payroll – You can take your payroll or your government benefits to add them to the card at Walmart.
  6. Your Tax Refund – Your tax refund can be deposited to the MoneyCard card account. This can be done only when the tax return is made by efile or electronically. You must choose the option for direct deposit to a checking account when claiming the refund in the form of tax and include the MoneyCard card account number.
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