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Credit card lost. If they robbed your credit card! Do not panic. This is what you have to do. Theft to passers-by increased during 2018 by 20 percent. Don’t let fear (and courage) paralyze you.

The robbery passers increased during 2018 by 20% compared with the data obtained in 2017. Regarding the data reported in 2016, the increase was over 36%, according to the Attorney General of Mexico City.

During 2018, more than 17 thousand investigation folders were initiated in CDMX for crimes such as theft to the carrier, to passersby on public roads, theft to passengers in individual or collective public transport, to account holders leaving a bank or ATM branch and in space open public, crimes perpetrated with or without violence.

“The thefts are the order of the day, and along with the emotional damage of being a victim of this type of crime, the loss of valuable documents, such as credit cards and personal IDs, is at risk,” warns Bernardo Prum, director of Coru .com.

“The most serious consequence of the theft or loss of a card is the misuse of plastic to make transactions without authorization of the cardholder,” he adds.

Given the possibility of suffering the theft of bank cards, the comparator of financial services guides on the procedures that must be carried out in case of plagiarism of the cards, in order to avoid a second crime such as fraud.

What should you do if your credit or debit card is stolen?
Regardless of how the incident occurred, the general recommendations for bank robbery are:

Raise a record of you credit card lost

Go to the Public Prosecutor’s website to record a factual report or report of what happened, if you have problems with the MP platform, go to the office closest to the incident. This report will serve as support to demonstrate to the bank that you have not made expenses with the plastic after the incident. This will be necessary in case of making claims for unrecognized charges. If there was theft of other important documents such as passport or official identification, this step is also vitally important.

Report the robbery to the bank. This is the most important step to follow in case of theft or loss of your credit card, since if transactions are made within 48 hours prior to the report and the charges are not recognized, the bank must pay the amounts to the user, this no later than the fourth business day of making the claim.

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Usually when notifying, they will ask among other information:

  • Client number
  • Account number
  • Card number (optional)
  • An approximate idea of ​​your account balance and the latest expenses
  • Telephone or internet security key (which you must process and / or type in yourself)

Monitor your credit card account movements

It is necessary that before and after reporting the theft of the card to the bank, you monitor the movements that are recorded, in this way, you can quickly detect those charges that you do not make and thus give timely notice.
It should be noted that the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), suggests following the same process in case of loss of credit or debit cards; The priority is to avoid the misuse of these means of payment and to be able to rectify before the banking institution those expenses that are not recognized if necessary.

What to know in case of unrecognized charges after card theft

According to the Bank of Mexico, each bank will be responsible for charges not recognized for theft or loss of the card, up to 48 hours prior to the cardholder’s notice. Regardless of the report of theft, the payment of domiciled or other charges previously authorized by the client must be covered.

As of March 2019, the maximum term for the return of charges not recognized for theft or loss of bank cards is two business days after the event is notified, according to the modification of Banxico to the Law of Multiple Banking Institutions and Regulated Financial Companies.

If the theft or loss occurred abroad, the same process must be followed in general, but the contact numbers may change, or call the global assistance centers of the corresponding payment networks (Visa, MasterCard).

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