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Credit Card without SSN. How to Apply for a Credit Card without SSN (Social Security Number). Not having a ssn (social security number) can be an obstacle in your financial life. The vast majority of banks and credit cards require social security when applying for credit.

But, there are ways to get a card account even if you do not have this number (although it is difficult). This number cannot be manufactured. If you don’t have a social security number, just don’t put one on the credit application.

Not having a social security number or SS does not mean you cannot make a credit history. Credit bureaus use data such as your name, address, date of birth and others to identify your identity. But, even so it is not so easy to establish a credit history without an SSN (Social Security Number).

Alternative to social security number

The ITIN is an identity number for purposes of individual tax returns in the United States. The ITIN number, although not an ideal option, can be used to apply for credit and open bank accounts. But be careful when choosing a bank if you are going to use an ITIN.

It is important to communicate to the bank your intentions to obtain credit with this number and know if the bank accepts it or not. People who are American citizens do not qualify for an ITIN. This number can be requested through the IRS offices (read the rules on the site to find out if you qualify).

Options for credit card without social security number

Get a secured card . These cards can be obtained from several banks. The important thing is that your credit activities be reported to the bureaus. Secured cards require a deposit that works as a guarantee. Some of the banks that issue these cards include: Bank of America, Chase, Capital One and Wells Fargo. After establishing a credit identity, you can talk to the bank to see if you can graduate to an unsecured card without having a social security number.

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Become a second account owner. Through a relative or friend they can add you as a second account owner. Both parties have the same responsibilities and rights with the card. This way you can build a history and prove that you are a good credit user.

After about 6 months your activities are reflected in the bureaus and you can apply for credit by yourself. With this method the bank must accept you without an SS number.

Another alternative is to build a banking relationship with an institution that has special credit programs. Cooperatives often have these programs and are more flexible than commercial banks. Generally, with this arrangement you can open a bank account and then request credit, since the bank knows you.

Obtaining a card without an SS number is not very easy if you don’t put guarantees. To obtain credit (no guarantees) and no SS number it is important to establish a relationship with a bank or credit union. Once this relationship is established, making a commitment to the bank to obtain credit is easier.

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