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Credit Monitor. How to get your report and monitor your credit automatically. Nowadays many things depend on a good credit history. Since the approval of a loan, your car insurance premiums or a credit card are affected by your credit rating. Understanding your credit history helps you improve your financial situation and saves you money. Although you can obtain your annual credit report for free, having your rating (number) and monitoring your credit are separate and very important for your peace of mind.

What is a credit monitoring service?

A credit monitoring service works as a guardian of your history. This keeps you informed of new activities, alerts, increases in your credit lines, negative activities; as a late payment reported by one of your creditors. This service keeps you aware of the things that affect your credit.

The credit monitoring service can detect personal identity or credit theft. People who fraud with your social security number and your name can open accounts, rent a house or apartment and make loans. The service reports all these activities often to happen. Credit monitoring helps you act immediately, if necessary to re-establish your identity.

This service does not ensure that identity thieves do not try to steal your credit, but the damages are minimized. By receiving credit alerts every time activities are done in your history, you can make decisions such as making claims and closing accounts.

You can also get your free credit report on the annualcreditreport site. With this report you only receive your history and not the credit score or rating. In Experian and Equifax bureaus you can also buy your report with the qualification.

Why use a credit monitor

Receive alerts about changes in your report. Wouldn’t you like to know if your score went up or down 20 points? With the credit monitoring service you will be aware of the activities that come into your report. So when you are ready to apply for a loan or credit card there will be no surprises.

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You make sure if the activities were done by you or are scams.

Find out who is reviewing your report. Too much research on your history can cause damage to your credit rating. Your own investigations do not cause losses to your score. Remember that you must grant authorization to creditors and credit cards so they can see your history.

For identity theft in time. With a monitoring service you can be aware of new accounts open to your name, investigations in your report and charges to your accounts that cause warnings or notices.

TransUnion Credit Monitor

TransUnion is one of the main credit bureaus in the United States. The credit monitoring service includes:

  • Your credit report and monitoring so that you are always aware of the activities in your credit.
  • For $9.95 a month the offer includes monitoring of your report, plus the 3 reports with your score.
  • Up to 1 million dollars in insurance against the theft of your identity. Use this link that contains the promotion code for our readers.

Get your report and credit monitor for your peace of mind. Your credit health is as important as your physical health, it is important to be aware if there are problems periodically. Although a credit monitor is not a guarantee against identity theft or fraud, it can help you discover and solve problems on time.

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