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does walmart accept international credit cards

Does Walmart accept for international credit-cards you have? Check it below.

Does Walmart receive international credit cards? Foreign visitors to Walmart locations in the United States can use their credit cards issued by banks outside the US. Walmart can accept international credit cards, such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Some Walmart stores can accept international credit cards issued by JCB and UnionPay (only those who have the “UnionPay” logo on the front of the card and the card number starts with “62”) too.

Tips on How to Use an International Credit Card at Walmart Stores

To ensure what credit cards are accepted at the Walmart store you are visiting, read the “We are happy to accept” sign located at the store entrance.

International financial institutions that issue your credit card may require prior notification that you are traveling to authorize transactions abroad. Contact the customer service channel on the back of your card and notify representatives about your trip plans to prevent problems.

Very new chip and pin cards in U.S. The current iteration, as of October 2015, is closer to a chip-and-sign card. Some terminals pay Walmart may ask you to provide a signature, not your card PIN.

If you experience problems while processing your card chip, the payment terminal at Walmart is still equipped with a magnetic stripe reader. If your card has a magnetic line, you can use it as a backup plan for payment.

Tips for Using Your International Credit Card on the Walmart Website

When using your international credit card to shop at, remember that the Walmart site only sends orders to 50 states, APO / FPO military addresses and US territories.

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Most credit and debit cards issued by banks outside the US are forms of payment received for purchases made at To ensure that your transaction is successful, Walmart recommends that you enter your full international billing address in the Billing Address and international telephone number lines, without beginning with 011 or 001 in the Billing Phone Number line. If your transaction is rejected, your order is canceled and you will receive a notification to the email address you used to try your purchase.

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