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walmart credit card for sams club

Heres how you can use your Walmart Credit Card at Sam’s Club.

How to use your Walmart Credit Card at Sam’s Club? Consumers can use their Walmart credit card to shop at Sam’s Club and make purchases at Sam’s Club gas stations. However, they cannot use their Walmart credit card when they shop online at

Payment Received at Sam’s Club

In addition to Walmart credit cards, Sam’s Club also accepts Sam’s Club credit, Walmart and Sam shopping cards / gift cards, cash or checks, debit cards, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Additional Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Discover. Sam’s Club credit card holders can also use their cards at Walmart stores.

Benefits of Walmart Credit

There are no annual fees on Walmart credit cards. Cardholders have fraud protection without obligation and qualify for special financing offers throughout the year. Walmart credit card holders also receive a monthly FICO credit score report free of charge. Credit Walmart provides additional discounts for gas at the Walmart gas station, but only provides discounts at Sam’s Club gas stations that are open to the public.

Sam’s Club Membership Membership

Sam’s Club members enjoy discounts for accounting and tax services. Members receive discounts on cars at more than 10,000 dealers throughout the country. Many additional benefits, from travel transactions, health insurance, and vehicle maintenance are available with Sam’s Club membership. Sam’s Club has a complete list of the benefits of members registered online; You can also visit Sam’s Club’s location and talk to customer service about the benefits of membership.

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Different membership levels available. Sam’s basic savings and Sam’s business cards are available for $ 45 per year, 2017. Sam Plus membership is available for $ 100 per year and offers extended shopping hours (same for businesses) and $ 10 cash for every $ 500 spent, up to $ 500 per year.

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