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Jim Walton “Walmart”. Do you know who is Jim Walton? How does he work in the Walmart business world? What has he done while in the Walmart business? Let’s get to know him more.

Who is ‘Jim Walton’

Born on June 7, 1948 in Newport, Arkansas, Jame (Jim) Carr Walton is the third and youngest son of Walmart founder (NYSE: WMT) Sam Walton.

Jim Walton gets most of his wealth from his association with Walmart; Its annual income in Walmart dividends alone was $ 475 million after tax in 2013, according to Forbes.

Jim Walton – the third and youngest son of Walmart founder, Sam Walton.

He No. 12 on the Forbes list of world billionaires for 2014 with an estimated net worth of $ 35.3 billion. In March 2018, Jim Walton was the 16th richest person in the world, with a net worth of $ 41.9 billion, including more than 152 million Walmart shares.

In 2018, Walmart operates more than 11,000 stores worldwide that generate more than half a trillion dollars in revenue.

Jim Walton also heads the regional bank Arvest Bank Group and chairman of the board for Community Publishers, which places several local newspapers in the Southern United States.

Walton earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville in 1971, then took a year off to travel and obtained a pilot license before joining Walmart, he ran the company’s real estate business for up to four years.

He left his position with Walmart to join his family umbrella company, Walton Enterprises, the family holding company that owns banks and other businesses. He will then become his president.

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Walton is chairman and chief executive (CEO) of Arvest Bank Group, Walton’s regional bank that operates more than 260 banks in more than 100 communities throughout Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

In 2014, it had assets exceeding $ 14 billion and was the largest bank in Arkansas by deposit and the largest in Oklahoma by branch. Community Publishers, in which Walton was also chairman and board member, published newspapers in these same three states.

Arvest Bank was originally Bank of Bentonville, Ark. Before the Walton family bought it in 1961. Arvest was expanded by buying a small bank in 1963, Bank of Pea Ridge, and others in 1975, the First National Bank & Trust Company. The company began to develop faster starting in 1984. Arvest, in 2013, bought 29 locations of Bank of America in the region. Arvest finally won the customer satisfaction award over J.D. Power and Associates.

In 2018, Walton lived in Bentonville, Arkansas (where Walmart was outside), with his wife Lynne McNabb Walton. They have four children.

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