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walmart credit card

Walmart credit card.

Make Money Back with a Walmart Credit Card. All Walmart credit card members are automatically registered with the Walmart Rewards Program. This means you will get a cash back prize for every purchase you make with a Walmart credit card. You will get:

  • 3% cash refund for all purchases at, including orders made online and taken at Walmart stores. Food items are purchased online and taken at the store or shipped also receive 3% cash back.
  • 2% cashback at Murphys USA gas station and Walmart gas station.
  • 1% cash refund for all other purchases, including Walmart, Walmart, and Sam’s Club stores.

There is no limit to the amount of rewards you can get, and they don’t expire because you receive money back on each report.

Walmart Credit cards also offers 0% promotion financing options for purchases. Your credit card account agreement will have all terms and conditions.

Current Promotion for Walmart Credit Cards: $25 Bonus

If you spend $25 or more on the day that you approve for a Walmart credit card, you will receive a $25 statement credit. Credit statements usually appear in 1 to 2 billing cycles after purchase.

You will receive your shopping permit immediately and can make an immediate purchase if you are approved at the store. If you register online and are approved instantly, you must make an online purchase the same day with your agreement.

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