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Murphy USA Credit Card operates its business in 23 states at 1,200 locations, and provides commercial fuel cards and consumers to its customers nationally. Murphy USA Credit Cards provide options that are suitable for smaller businesses and fleets, or are localized, through Private Label cards and Universal cards that are suitable for regional and national companies.

The Murphy USA Credit Card

Murphy USA offers two fuel cards for commercial and fleet customers.

1. Murphy USA Private Label Cards: On the one hand, the Murphy USA Private Label Card does not offer very high price discounts. Only after you reach 10,000 gallons will you see savings of four cents per gallon at the pump.

On the other hand, you only need to buy between one and 999 gallons to qualify for one cent per gallon, which sets the bar very low. With features of reporting, security, purchase control, and the ability to use cards at any Murphy USA or Murphy Express location, this is a good choice for small businesses, small fleets and local operations.

2. Universal Murphy USA cards are offered through WEX, and are accepted at tens of thousands of refueling stations (plus more than 40,000 service centers) from coast to coast. While cost savings are not cheap enough (saving one cent per gallon from one to 4,999 gallons, two cents from 5,000 to 9,999 gallons, and three cents per gallon starting at ten thousand gallons), this gives a lot of flexibility for fleet operators.

Murphy USA credit card
Murphy USA credit cards.

Apart from the same features offered by Private Label cards (and additional coverage), the Universal Card also integrates seamlessly with WEX Telematics, which has the potential to make it part of a larger fleet management ecosystem.

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Find the Murphy USA Station

Murphy operates in 23 of the 48 lower states. Murphy does not have stations from Maine to West Virginia, and none in Wisconsin. However, once you arrive in southern Maryland, you will find the Murphy station from Virginia to Florida in the East, and from Minnesota to Louisiana in the Midwest. The rest of the country to the west of corridor I-29 / I-49 – with the exception of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico – has no scope for this paper.

The Murphy USA application is available free, and is supported on iOS and Android devices. The main screen displays a map with the nearest station, while the station information screen shows prices for gasoline and diesel, telephone numbers, hours and directions for individual locations, as well as price comparisons with the nearest filling station.

Users have noted that station information is sometimes lost or incomplete, and accident-prone applications on certain devices.

Businesses that use Universal cards issued by WEX can use the WEX application in lieu of the Murphy USA application with better results.

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