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Requirements to apply for a Walmart Credit Card. Walmart has become the safe purchase option for many people in approximately almost 30 countries worldwide. Its excellent products and offers make it one of the favorite retail stores for many. If that is your case, write down the requirements to process your Walmart Credit Card and enjoy the benefits it provides to users.

How to apply for a Walmart credit card

Enjoy offers and discounts at your favorite store when applying for a Walmart credit card.

The process is very simple and you can do it from the comfort of your home on a computer with internet access. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Walmart credit card site, or the Financial Services section. There, you can know the different types of existing cards and those that best suit your tastes and needs.
  • Then create a user in the account section located in the upper right panel, where the icon appears. Press and go to the segment to register. There, you can access every time you want to check your account.
  • Fill out the application by entering all the information requested.
  • Read carefully the terms of use of Walmart credit cards and accept the contract.
  • Finally, place your electronic signature.
    For added security, review all the information provided again and make sure it is correct. If all is well, press Accept and send. In this easy and fast way you can request your credit card.

Requirements to request and obtain a Walmart Credit Card

The application process is very simple, so now you must make sure you meet the requirements to apply for a Walmart Credit Card.

One aspect in your favor is that they are not complex, as it is personal information that will allow you to determine if you can finance the credit. These can be summarized as follows:

  • Be of legal age and have other credit cards in any banking institution.
  • Data and personal information : In this segment you will have to provide contact information such as: Current residence address, telephone numbers, email address, among other data.
  • Certify the information with the social security number and driver’s license number. In addition, you must provide information about the billing systems and the time you have been living at the current residence address.
  • Verifiable annual income. In some cases you may be asked for proof of this information provided.
    Once the application is approved, the store will issue the card, or the plastic, so you can activate it and enjoy all its advantages.
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Walmart Inbursa credit card

Another option offered by this popular store is the Walmart credit card operated by the Inbursa financial group.

With it you can make your purchases as if it were cash and is accepted in all places where transactions are made with a MasterCard.

How To apply for a Walmart credit card you need:
  • Fill out the request form properly.
  • Have a high credit history or demonstrate a correct source of income.
  • Valid identification, depending on the country where you are.
  • Proof of payment for any service: Telephony, television, water, electricity, among others.
  • Bank account statements and possess a credit card at any bank.

Regarding the benefits of the Walmart Inbursa credit card, the following stand out:

  • It has a reward program that reimburses 3% of the purchase cost for each operation performed at participating stores.
  • Having MasterCard support can be used on sites affiliated with this payment system.
    Best of all, you can enjoy it for up to six months without interest on purchases made at Walmart and even delay the minimum payment.
Advantages of Walmart credit cards

Whatever credit card you request at Walmart, it has countless advantages that can be summed up:

  • In any of the countries that use it you can enjoy the reimbursement of up to 3% of the items purchased at participating stores of the promotion.
  • When buying white goods, mattresses and field items starting at $10,000, the transfer is free. Among the conditions that apply is that the distance is equal to or less than 15 kilometers.
  • You can request two bags for packaging with each purchase.
  • You can use it for daily purchases, fuel payments and enjoy the temporary promotions that are always to pamper users.

In short, meeting the requirements to apply for Walmart credit cards is an investment with benefits provided by a reliable and friendly entity. This is one of the reasons why it has become everyone’s favorite store. You already have one?

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