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How to Get the Benefits of Chevron and Texaco Credit Card. The Chevron and Texaco credit card is one of the best options offered by a gas company. Savings when using the fuel card can yield a lot when you fill the car’s tank (fuel costs). This also has other benefits that you can take advantage of monthly (for other expenses with the card). This card can be used at any establishment that accepts Visa cards.

30 cents in fuel credit per gallon – special offer

To date, you can receive 30 cents in credits in a special offer for the first 60 days of opening your account with the Chevron Visa. This is a bonus, only valid for the indicated time.

3 cents in fuel credits per gallon with Texaco credit card

If it is approved for the Chevron and Texaco card you can get a saving of 3 cents on gas credit per gallon, each time you fill the tank. This offer is valid throughout the year.

10 cents in fuel credits per gallon

Once approved, you can start saving 10 cents per gallon in fuel credits when you spend $300 out of gas stores. You can redeem these credits during the year.

20 cents in fuel credits per gallon

You have the option of receiving 20 cents in fuel credits when you spend $1,000 out of the fuel business. These can be redeemed during the year. It is not necessary to accumulate the account balance to qualify. So to save on interest you can pay your bill at the end of the month.

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These offers are subject to the approval of your transaction and to keep your account up to date. Visit the Chevron and Texaco site for more information and to request a credit card. Card benefits may change at any time. So it is important to read the most current offers.

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