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The Best-Selling item at Walmart in Florida in 2018. While all countries want – what – cleaning, making coffee or coloring with crayons, we Florida residents want to make it easier to watch TV.

Walmart, the retail giant, released its best-selling items by the country for 2018. And in Florida, that is Google Chromecast, a device connected to the HDMI TV port, allowing people to stream their favorite content from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Google Play and applications from their smart phone. It costs $ 35 on the Walmart website.

Google Chromecast is also a bestseller in Delaware.

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The Best-Selling item at Walmart by states in 2018

These findings, which are based on sales from, range from household items to coffee, milk and pots.

In comparison, the neighbors in northern Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana shop the Crayola crayons the most, as happened in Tennessee, Virginia, Illinois and Oklahoma. People in Arkansas, Hawaii, Iowa, and Utah make Instant Pots the best-selling item in their state. Mainers is looking for condensed milk while Alaska buys a lot of coconut milk for cooking.

Large paper towels along the East Coast in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. And in Indiana and Kentucky, the top item is disposable washcloths.

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