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top 5 walmart main suppliers

One of the strengths of the Walmart businesses, is on their suppliers. Who are they? Read the reviews here.

Heres the Top 5 of Walmart main suppliers you should to know. Walmart stores make money when they buy, making connections with global retail giants a profitable and unique experience for their suppliers. The company continues to develop their operations, which in October 2018 consisted of more than 11,700 stores in 27 countries. The company took more than $495 billion in sales in 2017. Walmart stores sell most of the items from any retailer on the planet.

Most of the suppliers are in the United States. However, the supply chain for Walmart stores is global, with suppliers in the UK, Canada, China, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, France and other countries. Of the top five suppliers that make the most of their income from Wal-Mart, Inc., four are US companies, and one is based in Japan.

Plug Power

Plug Power (PLUG) is a leading technology developer in the field of hydrogen fuel cells. Working with companies that seek to reduce emissions, power usage and operational costs, Plug Power offers a package of solutions to create hydrogen and drive infrastructure that relies on fuel cell technology. In 2017, Plug Power earns more than 50% of its income from Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is the first large company to work with Plug Power to perfect its technology and install it on a large scale. In 2017, Walmart and PLUG wrote an agreement that allows Plug Power to obtain financing through Walmart to expand their network in a way that generates all the power offers between the two into positive cash flow from the start. Plug Power generated revenue of $103 million in 2017, and in October 2018, it had a market capitalization of $416 million.

Funai Electric Co.

In 2018, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. accounted for the largest share of revenue for Funai Electric Co. Ltd. (TYO: 6839). Funai Electric is a Japanese consumer electronics company based in Osaka, Japan, with a US-based subsidiary in Torrance, California. Funai Electric mainly produces audiovisual equipment, including LCD TVs, DVD players and related products.

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Funai Electric markets their products under other licensed brand names, including Sylvania, Emerson Radio, Magnavox, and Phillips. Funai Electric is one of the largest electronics suppliers to Wal-Mart, Inc. In 2017, the company generated $130.13 billion in revenue, and as of October 2018, its market capitalization was $201.38 million.

CCA Industries

CCA Industries, Inc. (NYSEMKT: CAW) generated around 30% of total revenue from Wal-Mart, Inc. stores. in 2017. CCA is a distributor of health and beauty products found in more than 40,000 stores that include toothpaste, nail care, hair products and diet products. CCA mostly sells its products through large drugs and food chains, warehouse clubs and wholesale distributors. Walmart stores have been retailers for CCA products for more than 20 years. CCA generated revenue of $19.83 million in 2017, and its market capitalization was $20.88 million.

Green Dot Company

Green Dot Corporation (NYSE: GDOT) is one of the originators of prepaid debit cards designed to serve non-bank and underbanked consumers. In addition to being the largest provider of prepaid rechargeable debit cards, Dot Green is the largest processor of tax refunds in the US Green Dot has partnered with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. since 2007 to offer a MoneyCard program to Walmart customers. In 2014, they launched the GoBank checking account. In 2018 they offer a 5% cash debit card. Green Dot generates $573.35 million in total revenue in 2018, and its market capitalization is $3.98 billion.

Primo Water Corporation

Primo Water Corporation (NASDAQ: PRMW) based in North Carolina is one of the largest providers of self-service refill water dispensers, which are used in more than 25,000 retail locations. They supply Lowe Home Improvement, The Home Depot, Meijer, Kroger, Office Depot and others. Walmart stores, which comprise a majority of their retail locations, generated around 40% of Primo Water’s revenue in 2017. The company generated $286.1 million in revenue in 2017, and its market capitalization was $605.66 million.

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