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A new Voice Shopping technology builded by Walmart and Google Team.

Walmart and Google Team build Voice shopping technology. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) works with Google (Google) Google Alphabet Inc. to allow customers to shop through voice commands when trying to replace Inc. (AMZN) as a leading e-commerce player.

Starting at the end of September, retailers will make hundreds of thousands of items available for sale via voice using the Google Assistant. In a blog post, the company said it would be the largest number of items offered by retailers through Google Assistant.

Buyers will be able to buy items through Google Assistant on cellphones, speakers on Google Home voice activation, and finally other devices. Wal-Mart shares a history of consumer purchases with Google so users can reorder items quickly.

Similar to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that is voice activated which can perform tasks, including making purchases. With Alexa’s success, a lot of heavy technology hitters are entering the smart speaker market.

Important Assembling for Sale

“One of the main use cases for voice shopping is the ability to make baskets of daily necessities purchased previously. That’s why we decided to deeply integrate our Easy Susun feature into Google Express, “said Marc Lore, US e-commerce president and CEO Walmart U.S., at the blog post.

“This will allow us to provide highly personalized shopping recommendations based on previous purchases from customers, including those made at Walmart stores and at” The company did not stop there.

The executive said that in 2018 this would create a customer experience in voice shopping which currently does not exist. Some of them include taking orders in stores for discounts or using votes to buy fresh food ingredients throughout the country.

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Wal-Mart said they chose to work with Google instead of making their own tools because of the greatness of the search giant on the front of the sound. “They have made significant investments in natural language processing and artificial intelligence to provide a strong voice shopping experience,” Lore wrote.

“We know this means being compared side by side with other retailers, and we think that’s what it should be. An open and transparent shopping universe that is good for customers.”

Wal-Mart’s move to inject sound shopping came at a time when retailers were trying to make a breakthrough on Amazon, which has long held the top position in e-commerce. According to The Wall Street Journal, in July, Seattle-based Amazon said it was almost 45 cents of every dollar spent online.

That was up from 43 cents in early 2017. Wal-Mart gets almost 2 cents per dollar, the Journal noted. Walmart hopes the partnership will attract more buyers. For Google, this is seen as a way to sell more voice-activated devices.

Reports appeared earlier this week that the company was preparing to launch a smaller version of its Google Home speaker ahead of the launch of Apple Inc. (AAPL) from HomePod which is supported by Siri.

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