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Walmart Bluebird by American Express

Walmart Bluebird® by American Express

Walmart Bluebird® by American Express. Find all the benefits of banking at no cost. Bluebird by American Express can help eliminate the pressure of money management.

Say hello to Bluebird

Bluebird is a financial account with flexible features and a convenient money management tool to help you get more out of your money.

  1. Swipe reload. Add funds with cash, printed salaries, or government checks or debit cards for free in almost all Walmart payment cashiers or at MoneyCenter.
  2. Bluebird 2 Walmart. Send money to anyone from anywhere for only $4 with the Bluebird Mobile Application
  3. Family account. Give up to 4 cards to anyone you choose, then set spending limits and ATM access.
Bluebird card services by American Express
Bluebird card services by American Express.

Features & Benefits

  1. Free Direct Deposit. Get your salary up to 2 days faster with Direct Deposit
    Convenient – Your funds are automatically added to your account – there is no need to queue up to pay cash or deposit a check.
    Flexible – Add all or part of your salary or government benefits, and change your choices at any time.
    Free – Free to set up and use Bluebird Direct Deposit.
  2. Pay your bill. Pay your phone, car, housing or other bills with a Bluebird Card, Online Bill Payment or Check Your Bluebird.
  3. Free ATM access. Get free ATM access at more than 24,000 ATM MoneyPass® locations. You can also take cash at more than 4,700 Walmart® stores with Pickup Cash Powered by Ria®.
  4. Check Mobile Capture. Cashing your checks into your account with the Bluebird Mobile Application uses Cellular Check by Ingo®Money. Access your money in 10 days for free if your check is not returned or within minutes at a cost.
  5. Family Account. Managing family expenses can be an easy thing with Bluebird. Give up to 4 cards to anyone you choose, then easily specify spending limits, ATM access, and more.
  6. Benefits and Membership Services of American Express Cards. Bluebird provides the benefits of Membership Cards from American Express.
    Purchase protection
    Fraud protection
    * AMEX offer
    * 24/7 Customer Service
    * Roadside Help Hotline
    * Global Assist®
    * Hotline Experience® membership
bluebird card by american express
Bluebird card by American Express

The Bluebird2Walmart Money Transfer Service is provided by Ria (defined below) in accordance with Ria’s Terms and Conditions and Ria and Bluebird® Privacy Policy by the American Express Member Agreement. Pickup is available in 50 US states and includes Puerto Rico.

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The daily money transfer limit is $2,500 on all your Bluebird Accounts, and the $499.99 per transaction limit applies to money transfers taken in Arizona.

It costs $4 for each remittance of up to $50, $8 for each money transfer from $50.01 – $1,000, and $16 for each transfer of money from $1,000.01 – $2,500 applies. Limits and other terms and conditions apply. Visit the bluebirdcom/moneytransfer for full details.

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