Walmart Credit Card Prize Reviews 5/5 (2)

walmart credit card prize

Walmart credit card prize.

Walmart Credit Card Prize reviews. Walmart (WMT) – You like it or hate it. The same applies to credit cards. Like any card issued by a retail store, there are reasons to stay away from the card, but all of them have many benefits for that.

Card Store Publisher

When considering a store credit card, dig deeper than what you read in disclosure. Synchrony Bank issues a Walmart Credit Card. Formerly known as the GE Capital Retail Bank, Synchrony is still part of the General Electric family.

In June 2014, the bank completed a request from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Department of Justice regarding questionable business practices. Also important: Allegations stem from internal audits which Synchrony then reported on the matter, according to a press release.

Customer reviews for banks are not profitable. Customers can report disappointing customer service and confusing contract terms. However, many reviews for Walmart Credit Cards are actually more positive.

The Card

Walmart Credit Cards are not for subprime borrowers. Before applying customers, you should have good credit to very good. If you meet the requirements, the benefits that come with the card are interesting. Among them:

If you spend $75 or more on the day you register for a card, you receive $25 from your purchase. You get an additional $10 when you collect another purchase of $75 or more within 60 days of opening an account.
There is a $5 rebate for every $500 you wear on a card.
You pay up to 15 cents less per gallon of gas at several Walmart gas stations in the United States.
You can receive up to 1% of your purchase amount as a rebate. For every $5 that you collect, Synchrony Bank will give you a credit report.

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Promotions for credit card customers are often run by Walmart. The retail giant has carried out promotions for up to 24 months free of interest for purchases depending on the number of purchases.

The Fine Print

High interest rates, but comparable to other retail credit cards. At 22.90% – and 25.90% for cash advances – you should avoid paying interest by paying the card in full at the end of each month. There is no transfer of credit card balances allowed.

Also keep in mind, the interest rates vary. The Synchrony Bank calculates rates by adding 19.65% to the current main rates. Like most cards, if you pay the full balance in a grace period (23 days), there is no interest fee that will increase.

Cards do not have annual fees but have a maximum late fee of $35. For cash withdrawal transactions, a minimum fee of $5 or 3% of the total amount (whichever is greater) is directed to the down payment (see 8 Alternatives to Credit Card Cash). Foreign transaction costs are 3%, so it is not the best choice to use on trips abroad.


Paying almost 23% interest on any purchase is not a recipe for good financial health. But if you are always able to pay the full amount at the end of each month, the Walmart Credit Card is one of the more attractive cards offered to consumers.

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