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walmart credit card versus walmart moneycard
Walmart Credit Card versus Walmart MoneyCard, more differences than similarities.

Walmart Credit cards and Walmart MoneyCard have more differences than similarities. Walmart MoneyCards is basically a prepaid debit card. Walmart credit cards offer revolving monthly loans. If you don’t need cash and can pay your balance every month, Walmart credit cards are a better choice, at a lower cost than MoneyCard.

Walmart MoneyCards

Walmart has four types of MoneyCards available as Visa debit cards or Prepaid MasterCard. Basic cards are available online for free or for $ 1.88 in stores. Plus cards are available for $ 3. Special cards and preferences are both available for $4. Each card has a monthly service fee of $3. The four cards offer ATM withdrawals without fees and balance inquiries at any MoneyPass ATM in the United States. Fees apply at non-MoneyPass ATMs. Sometimes, Walmart offers promotions on new MoneyCards.

MoneyCard Basic Features

Basic Walmart MoneyCard gives you a guarantee of purchases from guaranteed purchases of Visa or MasterCard. You can reload the card at the participating Walmart store for a fee of $3. This fee is waived if you withdraw the check, but the check cashing fee may apply.

Plus and Special Features

Both Plus and Special MoneyCards offer the same features as the Basic card. In addition, you can free up monthly fees by meeting the monthly deposit target. Free online bill payment options are available, and you can send money to friends and family anywhere in the US.

Featured Features

The Preferred MoneyCard offers all the features available on the Basic, Plus and Specialist cards. In addition, you can access the online dome to set aside money for future use. With a qualified employer, you can choose fast payroll direct payments. Fast reload in stores for Preferred card holders is free, while all other cards charge $3. The selected card holders can also personalize their cards with images at no charge.

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Walmart Credit Card

Walmart offers in-store and MasterCard credit cards that can be used by cardholders wherever MasterCard is accepted. You can make payments on this card online, through electronic payments, by telephone, by mail or directly at the Walmart store. You can manage both accounts online, where you can view your transaction history, dispute fees and order new cards.

Walmart MasterCard feature

The Walmart MasterCard gives zero fraud responsibility for unauthorized fees. You can add official users, and they receive additional cards at no charge. If you need a down payment, the fee is $5 or 3% of the number of transactions, whichever is greater. If you do not pay the full balance every month, it is subject to an annual percentage interest rate (APR) until it is paid in full. Late payment is subject to a fine of up to $35.

Benefits of Walmart MasterCard

By using a Walmart credit card at the Walmart gas station, you can receive a discount of 5 cents per gallon. Special in-store financing is available, depending on credit approval. If you register in an electronic report, Walmart provides a free monthly FICO credit score report. Unlike Walmart MoneyCard, Walmart credit cards can help you build your credit score when you make payments on time every month.

Sam’s club

Both Walmart MasterCard and MoneyCard are accepted as forms of payment at Sam’s Club. The Walmart MasterCard does not provide an additional 5 cents a gallon discount at Sam’s Club gas stations.


If you need cash and don’t want to worry about excessive spending, Walmart MoneyCard is a better choice. Walmart credit cards are better if you want to build credit, you don’t need cash and you can pay the full balance every month.

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