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Walmart Credit Cards Rules

Walmart credit cards rules.

Walmart Credit Cards Rules for Walmart credit card holders. The following are the rules that Walmart applies to Walmart Credit Cards for Walmart credit card users. You, as a credit card holder, must read it carefully and understand everything well, before using it in Walmart stores and wherever a Walmart credit card can be used.

Special Financing Purchases, purchases made at the store on the opening day of the account that receive a discount, and purchases made online on the opening day of the account do not get a cash back prize.

* Subject to credit approval. Cannot be combined with other offers. To qualify for this offer, you must

  • {i} register and be approved for a consumer Walmart Credit Card account in the store or at; and
  • {ii} make eligible purchases totaling $75 or more on the same day when you open your account (excluding cash, sales of gift cards, money orders and gas purchases).

Applicants who do not accept credit decisions on the day they submit but are then approved, will receive a comparable offer certificate in their credit card package.

For approved applicants in the store, the offer certificate must be scanned at check out and purchases must be made using your shopping card while at the store where you apply.

For applicants approved online, purchases must be made online. Regular credit terms apply. Credit to the account will appear in 1-2 billing periods after eligible purchases are made. Offer only applies to newly opened accounts and each account only qualifies for one $25 offer.

† Walmart Credit Card holders are eligible to get Rewards for purchases made with their Walmart Credit Card account. Rewards apply to net card purchases (purchases minus returns and adjustments).

The percentage of rewards depends on the type of purchase made: 3% for purchases (including purchases of Walmart Pickups); 2% for gas purchases at Walmart gas stations and Murphy USA gas stations; and 1% for all other purchases wherever the Walmart Credit Card and Walmart Mastercard are accepted.

walmart credit card and walmart mastercard interest free

Walmart Credit Card and Walmart Mastercard interest.

Credit statements will be issued every month for prizes obtained from purchases posted in that month. If your account is past due, you will not receive a credit statement until the account is current.

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Cash withdrawals, fast cash, fees and interest fees do not qualify for the Rewards. All prizes are provided by Synchrony Bank. See the Walmart Credit Card requirements and the Walmart Mastercard Prize Program for details.

  1. The FICO® score is available by accessing the online account service site at Walmart creditlogin. Scores are only available online for main card members with open accounts. FICO is an analytics company registered trademark originally of Fair Isaac Corporation in the US and other countries.
  2. Get up to $100 Quick Cash with a $20 increase when you make a purchase with your Walmart Credit Card in Walmart’s register at Walmart stores. Limit one per day. This advance will appear on your monthly billing statement such as a purchase. Subject to credit approval. Quick Cash is not available for transactions using Walmart Pay.
  3. Data charges may apply.
  4. The Main Cardholder will be responsible for all purchases made on the Account, including those carried out by authorized users.
  5. Unauthorized use does not include fees by someone to whom you have authorized to use your account or card, and you will be responsible for those costs.
walmart credit card
Walmart Credit Card.

* For new accounts: Buy April is 19.15%, 22.15%, or 25.15%. Minimum Interest Fee is $1.00.

Walmart Mastercard is issued by Synchrony Bank under license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and circle design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. “Spark” design, Walmart and save money. Life is better. is a brand and / or registered trademark of Walmart Apollo, LLC.

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