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Walmart Money Card Anything Important About It

walmart money card
walmart money card

All you should to know about Walmart MoneyCard.

Walmart Money Card anything important about it. Walmart is known for its low price and convenience, and that is what you get with Walmart Money Card. With a choice between Visa or MasterCard, this reloadable card has become one of the most popular choices on prepaid cards. It has a low cost, 6 different reload options, 3 of which can be done within each Walmart store, and can even be used to pay your bills online automatically.

A Glimpse of Walmart Money Card

Rated by one group as the most popular choice in the country among prepaid card users, Walmart Money Card is a prepaid debit card that is ready to be available for purchase at all Walmart or online stores. It comes in the form of Visa or MasterCard so consumers can choose the type of card they use most often when making purchases in stores or online. This card is very convenient and easy to use, making it a top choice for individuals who cannot qualify for traditional credit cards or those who do not want to bother with credit card fees or overdraft fees.

Despite having the convenience and appearance of traditional credit cards, MoneyCard does not come with a credit limit and functions more like a debit card issued by a bank. This can only be used to make purchases if the card holder has entered sufficient funds into their account. The card will be rejected by the merchant if there is not enough money to pay for purchases that help reduce excessive expenses and credit card debt.

Consumers who choose this card will find that it comes with some lower costs than those associated with many other prepaid cards. This can be used at many ATMs throughout the country and is convenient for online, telephone or shop purchases and automatically pays recurring bills every month. Users will also find that it’s easy to track their expenses and manage their accounts from a convenient online account management system.

Who is this for?

Because Walmart Money Card is a prepaid card, this card can be obtained by whoever submits the application. And with a 100% approval rate, everyone who applies is approved. No matter what one’s credit history or previous expenses, there is no credit check needed to even apply to this card. This makes Walmart Money Card the most popular choice for people who:

  • do not have credit
  • have bad credit
  • not eligible for traditional credit cards
  • want to arrange their expenses
  • want to avoid debt
  • does not have a bank account

People who struggle to be approved for credit cards often switch to prepaid Walmart cards to help them start managing their finances wiser. With the convenience of buying this card at any Walmart location and being able to reload it at the store, even people who don’t have access to the internet can use MoneyCard.

This card has also become a popular choice as a gift for teens or new students. Cards can be purchased at the store and loaded with cash and then used by the recipient to buy whatever they need or want. Then it can be personalized with their names and reloaded by parents as another gift or when students need more money to book without having to just send cash. Unlike credit cards, parents can then limit spending or, at the very least, track where their child’s money is spent.

Why Choose Walmart Money Card?

Benefits – There are many benefits that make Walmart MoneyCard an attractive prepaid card option. From the outward appearance to the easy operation of the inner card, all of these benefits make it the first choice for prepaid card users for the first time. Consider some of these big advantages before deciding on your first card:

  • 6 options for reloading
  • Free direct deposit
  • 4 design choices – 2 MasterCard, 2 Visas
  • Online budget management tool
  • There is no purchase transaction fee
  • Insured by FDIC
  • MasterCard Policy and Visa Zero Liability

The Zero Liability policy on this card protects you from fraud, theft and unauthorized purchases. If your card is lost or stolen and is charged a fee that you did not do while reporting it immediately, you will not be responsible for the purchase.

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Rewards – In the past this card regularly offered reward programs to get a 1% cash refund for gas purchases. Even though this program is not valid at this time, you should often check their site for current gift programs.

Unique Features – Together with being one of the few cards offering a choice between Visa or MasterCard, there are many other features that make MoneyCard stand out from other prepaid cards.

  • Get $10 back when you register for a direct deposit
  • Automatically pay recurring bills online
  • Warning balances sent via e-mail and SMS text messages
  • Refill fees are released if you withdraw your payment check or check your government at a Walmart store
  • Temporary Cards are available for instant use when buying at the store
  • No activation fees if you register online

Is There a Cost?

Even though it does not have an annual percentage rate or overdraft fee, there are some fees associated with Walmart Money Card. In comparing the cost of this card to many other cards on the market, you will find that in many places it is a much cheaper card to use making it a very good alternative to traditional credit cards and safer than carrying large amounts of cash. See the table below to summarize the costs.
Fee Schedule:

  • Card Activation (only in-store purchases): $3.00
  • Monthly Fee: $3.00 *
  • Annual Fee: NA
  • PIN Transaction: NA
  • Reload Card:
    * at Walmart stores: $3
    * check cashed in at Walmart: NA
    * Direct deposit: NA
    * Green Dot MoneyPak: $4.5
  • Automatic Bill Payment: NA
  • ATM Withdrawal: $2.00
  • International ATM Withdrawal: $2 + 2%
  • Cash Advance: $2.00
  • Customer Service Call: NA
  • Additional / Replacement Card: $3.00

* Monthly fees are written off if you reload at least $ 1,000 into your account every month.

How Can I Recharge Walmart Money Card?

One of the features that makes Walmart Money Card a popular pre-paid card option is the number of options to re-enter funds into the card. While some of these options have additional costs associated with them, the costs are very minimal and there are several other options that are completely free. No matter what reloading options you choose, each one is comfortable and easy to do.

  • Direct Deposit – By filling in the registration form with your card account number, you can have all or part of your monthly salary deposited directly into your MoneyCard account. Your employer must agree and must provide this service to you. This service is provided free of charge and for the first time users will get a $ 10 cash back bonus.
  • Green Dot MoneyPak – You can buy MoneyPak at Walmart or other participating retail stores. Simply pay cash to load MoneyPak then online or contact their customer service to transfer funds to your Walmart card.
  • Bank Transfer – If you have a bank account that can be managed online, you can easily transfer money electronically from that account to your card account by entering your account number on your bank’s website. This service is free.
  • Cash – Whenever you go to a Walmart store, you can reload your card with cash just by swiping your card at the cashier and giving the shop clerk cash. There is a replacement fee of $ 3 and you must make a minimum deposit of $ 20. The limit per day is $ 1,100.
  • Check disbursement – Walmart already offers a check cashing service and when you take a payment check or a government-issued check to any store you can withdraw it and deposit it directly into your MoneyCard account. You can load from $ 20 – $ 2,999 without paying fees.
  • Walmart MoneyCenter Express – This looks like an ATM machine and is usually located near customer service at every Walmart store. Even though you can withdraw cash from your account here, you can also check your balance and add cash to your card using this machine. It charges a $ 3 reload fee.

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