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Walmart Pay to Pay like a Pro really helps you shop without a wallet & check faster at the store. With WalmartPay, you can safely store credit, debit or gift cards on your mobile.

Easy shopping with Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay is very easy to use to shop at the nearest Walmart shops. The method is very easy. Download the WalmartPay app on your smartphone, and use this facility as well as wallet-free facilities & see faster in stores with Walmart Pay.

Download WalmartPay from Google Play or Apple App.

Simply access WalmartPay, scan the QR code, then scan the items purchased. And you also get a quick and easy way to shop while at Walmart stores.

Walmart Pay to Pay like A Pro
Walmart Pay to Pay like A Pro

Signing up for WalmartPay is easy

To register and start WalmartPay is simple. See this video to see how you can set up your account in less than 60 seconds & save more time at the store.

Pay fast, easy & safe with Walmart Pay

  • Saving time…
  • Leave your wallet – the free Walmart application on your device that you need to use Walmart Pay.
  • When you are finished shopping, go to any lane and hold your cellphone above the square QR code at checkout for a fast and safe scan.
  • There he is! Walmart Pay makes payments for you.
  • WalmartPay accesses gift, debit and credit cards saved to your Walmart account. Bring any paper coupons to the cashier as usual. Easy access to your permanent eReceipts makes returning easy.
    … when you save money

Prepare WalmartPay on your smartphone

To use WamartPay, follow the following methods by first setting up the W-Pay facility on your smartphone device;
First, open the updated Walmart application on your Android or iOS device.
Second, you will choose the payment method that you want to use with W-Pay.

  • If you have saved a credit, debit or gift card in your account, you will see it listed there.
  • If you have not saved any cards, Walmart will ask you to add one or more credit or debit cards or Walmart gift cards to your account.

Choose one of your payment methods to use anytime, either during setup or even at checkout.
Gift Cards Walmart will use the value of the gift card in your account first unless you turn it off.
The final step is for your security. Set a 4 digit passcode, and you can also choose to set Touch ID to use your fingerprint on your device.

How to use WPay at a Walmart store

The following is how to use Walmart Pay at Walmart stores with your smartphone.
First, scan your items as usual on the checkout line of any Walmart store.
Second, open the Walmart application on your device and tap Walmart Pay. You will be asked to use Touch ID or enter your passcode.
Third, use your device to scan the QR code that appears on the PIN pad.
You must hear the sound of the bell and see the confirmation of your transaction. Walmart will send a message to your device when your eReceipt is ready. There is no paper receipt with Walmart Pay.

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How Walmart Pay works

Every day, millions of customers use the Walmart application, and Walmart is very careful to protect your privacy and security.

WalmartPay Technology

Walmart keeps their technology simple, by using existing tested hardware. Walmart Pay does not use near field communication (NFC). Instead, Walmart customers use their smartphone to scan the secure QR code displayed on the same PIN pad at checkout that is being used now.

Scanning customers sends signals to Walmart servers that you can use WalmartPay for certain purchases. The signal itself does not send any financial information.

Your security
Walmart always maintains several layers of security, and keeps updating methods and testing this system. Accessing a Walmart account from a mobile device requires a Touch ID or passcode. If someone finds your cellphone, they cannot use W-Pay without that information.

Walmart accounts only store verified payment methods, and credit cards must include a CVV code. Information is always encrypted through a secure network called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Card information cannot be transferred to the store itself.

About location services: Collection of Walmart data remains the same as published in Walmart’s privacy policy. Walmart is committed to never sharing your personal information with anyone.

Walmart Pay works with …
Walmart-Pay works with a valid primary credit card that is saved to a Walmart account, or one or more Walmart gift cards. These cards are registered as payment methods in the application, and customers can choose which card or card to use when checkout. Walmart also plans more ways to use W-Pay in the future.

Walmart Pay does not work with …
Connecting directly with a bank account is not possible, and WPay cannot be used at a fuel pump or Club Sam, or for money back. At present, WPay is not associated with a gift program. Customers must use their Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) balance, including WIC and SNAP, before using Walmart Pay.

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