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Walmart sells NFL jerseys and Nike merchandise. Walmart began selling Fanatics equipment on its website. That includes NFL jerseys, NBA jerseys, merchandise from Nike and other sports apparel retailers. The agreement built on the others that Walmart has made, including Lord & Taylor, to build its website and compete with Amazon.

Walmart has made an agreement with the Fanatics sports clothing market to sell NFL jerseys, NBA jerseys, and other sports related merchandise at Walmart dot com.

walmart sells jersey to nike, nba, and nfl fanatics

Walmart sells jerseys to Nike, NBA, and NFL fanatics

The agreement shows how serious Walmart is in rivaling Amazon on the internet and building partnerships with and acquisitions of other clothing retailers. Walmart already has a market on its website that sells Lord & Taylor dresses, for example, and late last year added Moosejaw, the outer clothing brand it had acquired, to its website.

Walmart has signed a long-term partnership with Fanatics, said Eric O’Toole, general manager of retail merchandising for Walmart’s e-commerce business in the United States. Thousands of items from Fanatics will now be available at Walmart dot com, starting Tuesday, including merchandise from brands such as Nike and the New Era, O’Toole added. That includes licensed clothing, shirts, hats and tailed goods. Fanatics will now become the exclusive provider of all licensed sports merchandise at Walmart dot com.

Walmart does not disclose the financial requirements or duration of this agreement.

The brands

In addition to building their own brands, Fanatics operate websites such as NFLShop dot com, NBAStore dot com, MLBShop dot com, NASCARShop dot com, and MLSStore dot com. The company holds exclusive license rights to produce and distribute merchandise for all major professional sports leagues, according to its website. That means Walmart will now be able to get the latest fan equipment for buyers faster, according to O’Toole.

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In expanding Walmart’s website, O’Toole said retailers had “focused on adding special, hard-to-find items and premium products.”

In many ways, Walmart with its latest offerings is pursuing younger buyers who have traditionally not thought about shopping at their stores. Big box retailers want the millennial generation and consumers of Gen-Z to think of Walmart dot com primarily as a goal for everything they need: clothing, bedding, home decor, food, and other daily necessities such as deodorants and makeup. Walmart confirmed that they started this plan when buying Jet dot com in 2016.

Since then, Walmart has acquired ModCloth, Moosejaw, Bonobos, Eloquii, Bare Necessities and the latest Art dot com. Marc Lore, head of the US e-commerce business at Walmart, said that one day the company could have more than 40 original digital brands – brands that started online without shops.

Speaking earlier this month at Big Show’s National Retail Federation in New York, Fanatics founder Michael Rubin said the company would generate as much as $2.8 billion in revenue in 2019. He indicated that the next step in the Fanatics was to sell in other online markets.

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