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walmart toy lab

Walmart Toy Lab is the best one of Walmart services of the year.

Walmart Toy Lab is Walmart’s best service throughout the Year. Walmart has hit the PR gas pedal in 2018 faster than Tom Cruise-playing Cole Trickle chasing Rowdy Burns on Days of Thunder. While some homeworks have been really subtle, like VR galas, JetBlack announcements, and more, Walmart has been surprised and delighted occasionally by the instructions of something special that deserves high praise.

Earlier that year, Walmart hired Valerie Casey, then that summer was Walmart’s announcement about Alphabot’s micro-warehousing trial, and now, towards the end of this year, Walmart recently announced the coolest and most important innovation. this year’s idea – Walmart Toy Lab.

Walmart Toy Lab is Walmart’s latest collaboration with Eko, a company known for interactive digital media and a company where Walmart also reportedly invested $ 250 million earlier this year to form a new joint venture. The idea behind Toy Lab is that children can become official “Walmart Toy Examiners”.

Children open a website, WalmartToyLab dotcom, and can play virtually all the best toys for this season. They can play with toys they like digitally, learn more about them, and even choose to watch other kids play with toys they like too.

The essence of this concept is that retail is a race to connect the horizontal lines depicted above from end to end. The easiest way to think about this is to think of social networks, like Facebook, on the one hand and trading platforms, like Amazon, on the other. Any entity that controls overall horizontally has the strongest data because it does not only mean that the company has an understanding of consumers’ explicit desires through search but also implicit understanding of their desires through social media as well.

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The Walmart Toy Shop is important because it shows that Walmart might start thinking along these lines, and Walmart in particular can now check how to use user-generated video content to carve a niche in its own horizontal expanse. Walmart’s collaboration with Eko gave Walmart a platform to experiment with creating a network of social activities that users produce around the products they sell. Today, platforms are about toys, but can extend far beyond toys and into other categories on the road.

Little Ryan – A Youtuber

Little Ryan is a YouTube celebrity. He opened a toy box quickly, his parents often joined in celebrations, he had more than 17 million customers (not a typo) and his video produced $ 11 million reported a year in pre-tax income.

Crazy, right? Crazy like that fox.

Imagine what that would mean if Walmart could create a platform for children across America to interact with each other in a safe way and then make videos, similar to Ryan, more easily?

The game may change.

User-generated activities that Walmart children can produce can be generated on YouTube, on Facebook, and almost anywhere. Quickly pressing a few buttons, Walmart can take the youngest buyers in America to watch this video (and their parents) from discovery-to-buy in nanoseconds. In the end, it doesn’t matter where the content stays as long as Walmart can collect data, make people buy quickly, fulfill orders, and do it in a way that feels authentic, which should be easy because it is users creating their own content that captures the viewer’s imagination, not Walmart.

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