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A guide to show you how to use your Walmart MoneyCard.

Where and how to use Walmart MoneyCard? You can use Walmart MoneyCard wherever Visa Debit or Debit MasterCard is accepted. In addition, Walmart MoneyCard also allows you to pay bills for free through online bill payments.

Types of MoneyCards

Walmart offers four types of MoneyCards: Basic, Plus, Specialty and Preferred. Each is equipped with a $ 3 monthly service fee that can be revoked on all cards (with the exception of Basic) by reaching the targeted monthly deposit amount.

Visa or MasterCard for Walmart MoneyCard can be your choice.

Online Payment Bill

Free online bill payments allow you to send checks directly to anyone you need to pay, like your landlord. You can also activate automatic payments for recurring bills every month, such as your car insurance. Online portals allow you to view records of all payments that you have sent. To enable online bill payments, you must activate a personalized card. This feature is not available for basic Walmart MoneyCards.

Cash Withdrawals and Money Orders

You can use Walmart MoneyCard to withdraw cash from the bank branch. There is a $ 2 fee per withdrawal. At a cost of 70 cents, you can use your Walmart MoneyCard to purchase MoneyGram money orders up to $ 1,000.

MoneyCard reload

Quick refills are available at the participating Walmart locations. There is a $ 3 fee for this service, but it’s free with a Preferred card. Preferred cards also offer fast direct deposits. At participating Walmart locations, you can also cash your salary payments or government checks and deposit funds into your MoneyCard. There are no refill fees, but check cashing fees may apply.

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